Jennifer Myerscough


“How will you go about finding that thing the nature of which is completely unknown to you?” /Meno


Artist Statement 2019

I am a multi-disciplinary artist whose work is based on painting.
I spend a lot of time nerding-out on the hows, whats, and whys of painting, and use the act of painting as a method of thinking through ideas of space and time.

While working, I am is interested in using paint the way only paint can be used. I'm not interested in any certain style of painting, but in the full vocabulary of the material. A painting is finished when it feels like it is its own world. Whether or not these paintings express the same world, as a group they talk about each other. My goal is to make paintings that are read slowly – that demand time from a viewer, with as many layers of recognition as possible.

In my studio I make my own source images. I cut and fold together pictures to make still-life models (stileben). Using these objects as sources, my paintings become multiple representations of space: the space of the object, as well as the space within the images used to make the objects.