Painting (positive), light on wall, 290,83 x 268,29 cm


Painting (negative), light on wall, 290,83 x 268,29 cm


Painting (postive and negative) was first exhibited in ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROSE, the first of two exhibitions in conjunction with the Master of Fine Arts program at Umeå Art Academy. Multiple 3D models were made as a study of Mark Rothko's No. 14 (1960). While being filmed, LED lights changed colors over the black paper of the models. In the exhibition space they are projected to the size of the work they appropriated. The two selected pieces have been named "positive" and "negative" reflecting the way the models were built, as opposites of each other. They are installed facing each other. The projections are looped out of sync, filling the space between them with colored light.